About Us

JaxSport Social Club was born in April of 2005 with the idea of providing high quality sports leagues to the adults of Jacksonville. JaxSport was the first Sport and Social Event Organizer for adults on the First Coast. We ran our very first soccer league in October of 2005.

JaxSport offers sport and social activities for everyone age 18 and over. The main objective of our events is to have fun. We offer recreational and competitive divisions for all of our events. In addition, there will be many one-day events, including volleyball tournaments, kickball tournaments, and socials at the driving range.

JaxSport also offers Happy Hours at different bars and restaurants and trips to local area sporting events like the Jaguars, Suns, and Barracudas. Keep checking back as new events are always in the works!

Jacksonville, FL's #1 Adult Sports League and Social Events Organizer.

Here are some of our current or past leagues:

  • Adult Coed Soccer 
  • Adult Women's Soccer 
  • Adult Coed Slow Pitch Softball 
  • Adult Coed Kickball 
  • Adult Coed Volleyball 
  • Adult Coed Dodgeball 
  • Adult Men's Flag Football 
  • Adult Coed Flag Football 
  • Adult Indoor Golf 
  • Adult Bowling 
  • Adult Basketball


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